How Volvo’s engagement with Rippl boosted sales incentives performance by 30%

Since the first mass-produced Volvo car rolled off the production line in 1927, Volvo Car Group has since become one of the most well-known and respected car brands in the world, with sales in around 100 countries. For Volvo Car UK specifically, they had the challenge of motivating a network of over 110 retailers in order to meet sales objectives.

How Volvo discovered Rippl

In July 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Volvo launched a procurement process to find a self-service web platform to run incentives and reward schemes for their retailer employees, head office staff and some third party company employees. The aim? To find an efficient tool to allow Volvo to quickly and effectively deploy tactical incentives to their network. What they didn’t anticipate was coming across a platform that would combine powerful incentives and reward with ‘recognition’ features.

Should Volvo have opted for another incentives platform in the market, they could have continued to spend increasing amounts of budgets on incentive and reward campaigns. Instead, they chose the Rippl platform which now enables them to boost the impact of their expenditure with meaningful social engagement and peer-to-peer recognition.  

Instant success

It took Volvo just six weeks to get the majority of their UK retailer network registered and actively using Volvo Champions (their Rippl platform). Why the rapid sign up? Because the network now had just one consolidated platform to take part in incentives, recognise their hard-working colleagues and to spend their hard-earned rewards. A critical consideration for Volvo when selecting a solution to maximise the performance of their people.

Quote from Chris Francis about Rippl

Chris continues, "Previously, we relied on a solution offering sales and service incentives but were unable to consistently recognise and reward the superstars of the network. Enabling the network to recognise each other has also been a great motivator during this period.” 

A new approach to traditional incentives 

Volvo Champions is available for every job role in the retailer network and in head office, via the app and web. And in an industry that typically only recognises and rewards sales’ teams, Champions aims to celebrate everyone whose hard work and commitment contribute to the growing success of Volvo.  

Chris continues, “When adding incentives to Volvo Champions, we make sure they appeal to as many roles as possible, not just sales teams. For example, we’re currently encouraging technicians to upload videos of their electronic vehicle health checks (EVHC) for a chance to win £100 of points to spend in the Volvo Champions digital voucher catalogue. Technicians are typically a hard-to-reach audience, but they play a pivotal role in Volvo’s success, so it’s vital we engage them, too, to ensure they feel a valued member of the Volvo Cars community.” 

Incentives + engagement = amplified performance  

Analysis of user data reveals engagement with Volvo Champions directly impacts performance. For example, the most recognised region demonstrated the strongest performance, demonstrating that output is maximised when someone feels valued, informed and connected:

Graphic for the Volvo incentives statistic

Furthermore, in Q1 2021, the most 'engaged' regional group, that is those who regularly post comments, add photos and interact with the wider Volvo community, outperformed the rest of the Volvo Car UK network in almost 80% of incentives for that period.

The power of recognition 

Incentivising teams to improve performance, whether this is selling more vehicles or enhancing customer service, is only half of the picture when seeking to boost performance overall. 

And whilst incentives alone can be an enormously powerful tool to garner specific results, recognising the contribution someone makes to the business can reap huge rewards, too. Recognition can boost morale, wellbeing and job satisfaction and when that recognition is shared for everyone to see, the behaviour is often emulated by others.

Quote from Volvo Snows


In such a disruptive year, it’s never been so important for Volvo to connect, motivate and celebrate their network. 

The potent combination of incentives, recognition and reward amplifies the performance of the Volvo Car retailer network. The more engaged someone is with Champions, the greater their incentives’ success.  

If you’d like to see how Rippl could boost the performance of your retailer network and how combining incentives with reward and recognition unites your network, let us show you on a demo. Request a Rippl demo here.