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Boost motivation and performance.

Managing employee incentives with spreadsheets and emails take up valuable time and are prone to error. Simplify the process with Rippl by creating and sharing configurable incentives with the relevant groups across your business, rewarding top performers with instant digital vouchers.

Key incentives features
Incentives builder
Respond rapidly to market and business changes by creating configurable incentives yourself, or lean on our experts to maximise ROI.
Participant selection
Easily set up incentives for different groups by sharing with the relevant audience, such as individuals, stores, franchises or regions.
Incentive types
Plenty of options to choose from including ‘hit to win’ and sales claiming incentives, enabling users to validate their sales to redeem rewards.
League tables
Linking to your KPIs, users can easily check their progress in real-time.
Reward pay-outs
Distribute points to winners to redeem against digital reward vouchers.
Customisable reporting
Monitor performance using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite.
The last twelve months have obviously been challenging for everyone and when faced with showroom closures, furloughed staff and supply chain issues, not to mention the health and wellbeing implications for us all, having one platform to help unite the network has been invaluable.
Motivate your teams to hit goals
Creating enticing incentives with instant reward pay-outs will keep your sales and service people motivated to hit targets.
Build brand loyalty
Need to encourage an audience to choose your brand? Rippl’s incentives builder allows you to reward those who show loyalty to your business.
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