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Celebrate with meaningful rewards.

Rippl’s instant digital vouchers take the hassle out of distributing reward at scale. There’s something for everyone with a catalogue of over 700 global brands. Reinforce desired behaviour by allowing managers to celebrate key moments. Instantly reward incentive winners, top performers or long service achievers within set budgets.

Key reward features
Individual wallets
Spend hard-earned points from recognitions or incentives on instant digital rewards.
Group wallets
For assigned individuals (typically managers) to attach a reward to a recognition.
Digital vouchers
Over 700 brands available globally, with the option to set up multiple catalogues across different countries.
Including cost of living adjustments for global organisations.
Ad-hoc rewards
Send funds outside of recognitions or incentives with Rippl’s easy-to-use Rewards Allocation tool.
Give managers and admins more control with optional approval processes.
Pre-set budgets
Maintain control over reward expenditure by setting up various budgets.
Customisable reporting
Monitor reward budgets using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite.
I love being able to congratulate or thank colleagues for their support, and as my department gets so busy, I barely get the chance to show my appreciation.
Reward the moments that matter, without the admin.
Regularly rewarding colleagues manually with spreadsheets and gift cards is often time-consuming and prone to error, but Rippl simplifies the process with a digital voucher catalogue.
Giving you more value with no reward mark-ups.
All Rippl rewards are provided at market price with no mark-ups or redemption fees. We even invoice our customers on redemption to ensure you get the most out of every penny.
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