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Who we are.

We’re not your average engagement software. Rippl was born with a mission to create happier, more motivated, more productive employees across the globe. Through a uniquely streamlined recognition, reward, benefits and incentives platform, we have over 20 years’ experience in enabling leading organisations to unleash the brilliant people behind their brand.

Rippl is built upon openness, fairness, commitment, kindness and trust. Our world-class team are all about creating an exceptional customer experience, which is why our award-winning platform is designed to give you more.

And, we’re always on the lookout for like-minded people to join us in making waves – so if you’re interested, check out our latest roles.

Because why be average when you can be more?

Meet our senior team.

Chris Brown

Managing Director

Sam Harris

Sales and Marketing Director

Sam Bridger

Customer Success Director

Alex Hobbs

Head of Incentives

Jamie Tye

Head of Benefits

Michael Banner

Head of Development

Tom Holbrook

Head of Bespoke

Wayne Fathers

Head of IT & Compliance

Oli Harford

Head of Application Support

Want to join us in making waves?