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An employee recognition platform with a difference.

Celebrate daily wins, team triumphs, and everything in between.

Did you know, 44% of employees left their last role due to inadequate recognition? It’s never been more important to highlight the great stuff going on in your organisation each and every day with digital, instant recognition cards. And those extra special moments like work anniversaries, birthdays and long-service milestones, can be amplified by adding rewards. The Rippl effect creates a happier, more motivated, more loyal workforce – that’s why our users are two-thirds less likely to leave their jobs.

Key recognition features
Peer-to-peer recognition
Send custom e-cards to recognise others on the social timeline, or upload your own images and photos.
Long service awards
Say goodbye to manual processes with automated celebrations of key service milestones and anniversaries.
Showcase your superstars, such as ‘Employee of the Month’, with the peer-to-peer nominations tool.
Amplify the impact of your employee recognition platform by adding optional monetary reward.
Company values
Link recognitions and nominations to your company values to bring them to life.
Event recognition
Celebrate the good stuff by recognising new starters, birthdays and promotions.
Customise notifications when recognitions are sent to drive engagement.
Customisable reporting
Monitor recognition metrics using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite.
It’s a brilliant way to celebrate success and keep the sales team engaged in what is going on in the network. The fact that is an app is the game-changer. It is just like other social media and is very accessible.
Put recognition at the heart of your culture
Social engagement and recognition at the forefront of Rippl help your people connect and feel part of your company’s mission, purpose and values.
Boost employee retention and satisfaction
Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their organisation, and recognition and reward make up key drivers for engagement (Corporate Leadership Council).
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