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Want to find out more about the Rippl effect? Browse through our FAQs which dive into how our platform works. And of course, if you have your own questions, we’d love to chat these through with you.

Why recognition, reward, benefits and incentives?

In an increasingly competitive market, employees seek an exceptional experience from their business. Just like customers, they want to feel valued and empowered. Delivering recognition, reward, benefits and incentives that reflect the individualised needs of their workforce enables our customers to deliver on this commitment, stand their brand out in a noisy crowd and instil a cohesive, purpose-led culture.

What devices is Rippl accessible on?

Rippl is accessible through all modern web browsers and through the iOS and Android app.

Do I have to have all of the Rippl features?

Whilst Rippl offers lots of functionality, you can pick and choose which features to enable on a bespoke platform personalised to the needs of your business and your people.

How much should I spend per head on employee engagement?

This varies massively depending on the culture of your organisation and the budget you have available. Some of our customers spend £20/€25 per head annually and others spend much more if they are running larger scale programmes. You should ask yourself what is expected as part of the employee experience and the return on investment you can get out of your reward spend.

Are employee rewards taxable?

Depending on the value provided, employee rewards are taxable. You should seek guidance from the relevant government agency for your country to see a full breakdown of how much an employee can receive before tax.

What rewards are available on Rippl?

Rippl has a digital catalogue containing discounted vouchers to over 700 global retail, hospitality and travel brands. Reward points are sent to employees’ digital wallets to redeem instantly against the brand of their choice to use either online or in-store, depending on the retailer. Plus, you can upgrade your Benefits Hub to include around-the-clock access to all discounted vouchers as an employee perk.

How long does it take to launch a Rippl platform?

This can vary depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of the hierarchy and data. Typically, we allow between 8-12 weeks for onboarding and launching your new Rippl platform.

How does the employee benefits feature work?

Our customers can host a dedicated employee benefits hub within their platform. This provides employees access to company perks and support around the clock, on mobile or via desktop. We work with you to streamline any existing employee benefits into your platform, with the ability to tailor additional perks from Rippl’s extensive benefits catalogue to take your package to the next level.

How can you track the impact of employee engagement?

Tracking the impact and ROI of your programme is key, which is why you can do this in real-time using Rippl’s dedicated reporting hub. This enables live assessment of programme adoption and engagement, how your teams are interacting with each of your platform features, as well as other metrics including turnover rates for engaged and non-engaged users. This gives you clear visibility through data-led insights around the success of your platform. Plus, with Rippl’s Feedback and Survey features, you can gather a more in-depth picture of what’s working well and ideas for future programme elements.

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