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More features. All under one roof.

Why have several employee engagement platforms when you can have one? Rippl’s flexible features equip your organisation with the tools you need to maximise the potential of your workforce. And with everything available on desktop, mobile and app, you can reach everybody in your organisation.

Highlight daily wins and team triumphs.

73% of employees are ready to leave their job, so it’s time to recognise the great stuff in your organisation with celebratory recognition cards. For those extra special moments like long-service milestones, amplify recognition by adding reward. A public display of appreciation creates a ripple of positivity spreading far and wide, creating a happier and loyal workforce – engaged Rippl users are two-thirds less likely to leave their jobs.

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Celebrate with meaningful rewards.

Rippl’s instant digital vouchers take the hassle out of distributing reward at scale. There’s something for everyone with a catalogue of over 700 global brands. Reinforce desired behaviour by allowing managers to celebrate key moments. Instantly reward incentive winners, top performers or long service achievers within set budgets.

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Award-winning employee benefits.

Crowned ‘Employee Benefits Provider of the Year’, Rippl elevates the employee experience by streamlining a dynamic digital benefits catalogue with recognition and reward. Ditch separate, underutilised voucher platforms and deliver a diverse, meaningful benefits offer to everyone in your organisation.

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Boost motivation and performance.

Managing employee incentives with spreadsheets and emails take up valuable time and are prone to error. Simplify the process with Rippl by creating and sharing configurable incentives with the relevant groups across your business, rewarding top performers with instant digital vouchers.

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Social timeline & news
Keep everyone connected & engaged.

Rippl’s social timeline is the home of peer-to-peer recognition, story sharing and company updates. Recognition becomes much more powerful in a public forum and gives employees a sense of belonging. The separate news feed is the perfect place to keep everyone in the know and offers a window into your company’s culture.

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Feedback & Surveys
Turn insights into action.

Gain instant feedback from your workforce through easy-to-deploy surveys and polls. Take it one step further with Rippl’s feedback management tool – employees submit their ideas and, once allocated to the appropriate stakeholder, the business can quickly respond with simple-to-use templates.

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