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More features. All under one roof.

Why have several employee engagement platforms when you can have one? Rippl’s streamlined and customisable features equip your organisation with the tools you need to maximise the potential of your workforce. And with everything available on desktop, mobile and app, you can reach everybody in your organisation. To explore everything about Rippl, download our Platform Overview Brochure.


An employee recognition platform with a difference.

Celebrate daily wins, team triumphs, and everything in between.

Did you know, 44% of employees left their last role due to inadequate recognition? It’s never been more important to highlight the great stuff going on in your organisation each and every day with digital, instant recognition cards. And those extra special moments like work anniversaries, birthdays and long-service milestones, can be amplified by adding rewards. The Rippl effect creates a happier, more motivated, more loyal workforce – that’s why our users are two-thirds less likely to leave their jobs.

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Not your average employee reward platform.

Did you know, 92% of employees are more likely to repeat an action or behaviour they’ve been recognised for?

Let’s make it meaningful.

Rippl takes the hassle out of distributing reward at scale. There’s something for everyone with a digital voucher catalogue of over 700 global brands for your people to enjoy rewards that are personalised to them. Reinforce desired behaviour by enabling managers to celebrate key moments – whether that’s instantly rewarding incentive winners, top performers or long-service achievers. All within a budget set by you.

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An award-winning employee benefits platform.

Why be average when you can be more?

Did you know, 1 in 3 employees don’t believe they receive sufficient support for their physical, mental or financial wellbeing from their organisation? Yet, when offered comprehensive benefits, 75% say they’re more likely to stay within the organisation.

Benefits have never played a more crucial role in supporting and empowering teams in an unprecedented climate.

Crowned ‘Employee Benefits Provider of the Year’, Rippl elevates the employee experience with a uniquely personalised benefits catalogue tailored to the diverse needs of your people. Ditch separate, underutilised perks and deliver a meaningful offer to everyone in your organisation, streamlined with recognition and reward.

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An employee incentives platform that makes waves.

Did you know, businesses that leverage incentives and reward programmes increase productivity by an average of 22%?

Because happy teams create even happier businesses.

But, managing incentives manually through endless spreadsheets and emails take up valuable time and are prone to error. Rippl’s employee incentives platform simplifies and streamlines all of this. Created and configured to relevant groups across your business, individual and team performance is tracked in real-time via live league tables. Top achievers redeem instant rewards and can be celebrated from all levels on your social timeline.

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Social Engagement

An employee social engagement hub.

Engagement, all in one place. Rippl’s social timeline streamlines all angles of the employee experience – from recognitions and rewards, to the latest benefits and incentives, along with updates, news and stories from across the business. Employees share, react, comment and engage in an inclusive community. Bring your culture to life and create endless connection for teams wherever they are.

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Feedback & Surveys

Agile employee feedback and surveys.

Did you know, employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6x more likely to deliver their full potential at work?

Forget manual, clumsy processes. Rippl’s digital employee feedback and surveys feature is easy to deploy and smooth to manage. Through interactive polls, engaging surveys and idea submission hubs, keep you finger on the pulse for what your teams want and need to continue optimising the People experience. Smart technology automates idea submissions to the appropriate stakeholder to keep responses quick and relevant using Rippl’s pre-built templates.

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