Tools to motivate and celebrate your workforce


Presenting clear, measurable goals is a key part of maximising the potential of your sales and service teams. Using spreadsheets and emails take up too much valuable time and is prone to error. Simplify the process with Rippl by creating and sharing configurable incentives with the relevant groups across your business, such as specific teams, departments or countries.

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By giving your frontline workforce access to Rippl, you instantly widen the opportunities for everyone to play their part, not just your managers or team leaders. When combined with recognition, your people will feel more motivated to achieve their targets, boosting productivity and revenue.

Key features

Incentives builder
Respond rapidly to market and business changes by creating configurable incentives yourself, or lean on our experts to maximise ROI
Participant selection
Easily set-up incentives for different groups by sharing with the relevant audience, such as individuals, stores, franchises or regions
Incentive types
Plenty of options to choose from including ‘hit to win’ and sales claiming incentives, enabling users to validate their sale to redeem rewards
League tables
Linking to your KPIs, users can easily check their progress in real-time
Reward pay-outs
Distribute points to winners to redeem against digital reward vouchers
Customisable reporting
Monitor performance using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite

User experiences

It’s a great way to engage with, not only colleagues, but also other people in the network… It is also nice to have a bit of friendly competition and you may pick up some good ideas from other people either to improve performance or customer experience.
— Nick Humphries, Sales Manager, Snows Volvo


We’re all motivated in different ways. Some of us thrive with challenging targets, others with enticing rewards, and some want nothing more than a heartfelt thank you. Combining all three approaches creates a valued, loyal and productive workforce who will help you achieve company objectives.

Productivity can rise by 30% when you regularly recognise the efforts of your people. On Rippl, anyone can recognise a fabulous individual or team on the social timeline in just a few easy steps.

Shared with Central London TeamLikeComment4 hours agoThanks for all your help this week with presentations.I can always rely on and trust you to create high qualityassets and it really makes a difference. Thanks so much!Tanya Smith recognised Craig KiltonRecognition

Key features

Social recognition
Send custom e-cards to recognise others on the social timeline, or upload your own images and photos
Long-service awards
Say goodbye to your manual processes by automating the celebration of key service milestones and anniversaries
Showcase your superstars, such as ‘Employee of the Month’, with the peer-to-peer nominations tool
Amplify the impact of your recognitions by adding optional monetary reward
Company values
Link recognitions and nominations to your company values to bring them to life
Event recognition
Celebrate the good stuff by recognising new starters, birthdays and promotions
Customise notifications when recognitions are sent to drive engagement
Manager engagement
Keep line managers in the loop by notifying them of team recognition activity
Customisable reporting
Monitor recognition metrics using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite

User experiences

I love being able to congratulate or thank colleagues for their support, and as my department gets so busy, I barely get the chance to show my appreciation, so Asda Stars [Asda’s Rippl platform] is great!
— Amy White, Checkout Operator – Asda Swindon
It’s a brilliant way to celebrate success and keep the sales team engaged in what is going in the network. The fact that is an app is the game-changer. It is just like Instagram and very accessible.
— Nick Humphries, Sales Manager, Snows Volvo


Elevate special moments across your organisation by rewarding your hard working employees; even small rewards can make a big difference.

Where distributing rewards manually can be time-consuming and unreliable, Rippl enables your managers to instantly deposit rewards into digital wallets.

Employees can select the reward of their choice in our digital voucher catalogue to spend on dining in, dining out, top online and high street retailers, unique experiences and much more.


Key features

Individual wallets
Spend hard-earned points from recognitions on instant digital rewards
Incentive wallets
Points received via incentives can go to individuals' wallets or be spent as a team
Group wallets
For assigned individuals (typically managers) to attach a reward to a recognition
Digital vouchers
Over 700 brands available globally, with the option to set up multiple catalogues across different countries
For global organisations, to ensure points are converted at the relative rate for each country
Ad-hoc rewards
Send funds outside of recognitions or incentives with Rippl's easy-to-use Rewards Allocation tool
Give managers and admins more control with optional approval processes
Pre-set budgets
Maintain control over reward expenditure by setting up various budgets
Customisable reporting
Monitor reward budgets using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite

Additional Features…

Social timeline
The home of recognition, story sharing and celebrations to help boost staff morale
News feed
Ideal for sharing articles, key announcements, blogs, video content and interviews
Dynamic groups
Create separate groups for different teams to ensure they only see content that's relevant to them
Surveys and polls
Gain instant feedback from your workforce through easy-to-deploy surveys and polls
Learn decks
Reinforce knowledge with bite-sized learning and quizzes - handy for launching new products or services
Admin portal
Easy-to-navigate admin dashboard with built-in Microsoft Power BI reporting as standard