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Our 2023 Impact in Employee Recognition, Reward and Benefits

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Rippl’s purpose is to nurture an environment that empowers all talent to thrive. We believe good things happen in businesses every day, and when you celebrate the people potential behind a brand, there are only more good things to come.

We also don’t believe in average employee engagement. We’re all about creating the foundation for success through a people-led platform that enhances wellbeing, champions workplace excellence and elevates job satisfaction.

That’s why Rippl reimagines traditional approaches to employee recognition, reward and benefits by streamlining a bespoke experience all under one roof, and into the pockets of employees across the globe. Our 2023 Annual Impact Report takes a dive into how our technology makes waves.

Grab a coffee and download your free copy to:

  • Hear a review of 2023 from Rippl’s Managing Director, Chris Brown
  • Discover the 4 non-negotiable principles behind employee experience strategies in 2024 and beyond
  • Explore the Rippl Effect: 2023’s impact in employee recognition, reward and benefits
  • Examine the deskless divide: Restoring engagement and connection with the overlooked majority
  • Learn Rippl’s customer stories: Asda, bp and Emma Bridgewater
  • Understand what makes Rippl different in creating happier, more motivated, more productive employees worldwide
  • Walk through each of Rippl’s platform customisable features to build a tailored, high-impact engagement programme
  • Learn the 6 ways Rippl empowers HR teams to achieve more
  • Explore wider intel and resources to identify your business needs and design the right solution for your people.

Looking to elevate your employer brand and deliver more to your people?

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