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Social Engagement

An employee social engagement hub.

Engagement, all in one place. Rippl’s social timeline streamlines all angles of the employee experience – from recognitions and rewards, to the latest benefits and incentives, along with updates, news and stories from across the business. Employees share, react, comment and engage in an inclusive community. Bring your culture to life and create endless connection for teams wherever they are.

Key communication features
Dynamic groups
Built on the hierarchy of your organisation, create employee groups to share relevant and targeted updates.
Social updates
News and stories can be shared instantly on the timeline, tagged under chosen content categories.
Company updates
Keep everyone in the know by sharing longer-form content on the news feed.
Rippl's social timeline showcases all recognitions, nominations and celebrations to the whole workforce or specific employee groups.
Share useful learning content in Rippl’s handy 'deck' format.
Mobile app
Employee social engagement on-the-go, available to everyone, anywhere with Rippl's mobile app.
Push notifications drive engagement and boost awareness, so your teams stay connected.
Content appropriation
Rippl uses Microsoft AI tools to flag posts or comments that might be deemed offensive.
Our Rippl ‘bp smile’ has always been an extremely effective way to communicate to our employees and now more than ever plays a vital role in keeping our frontline teams up to date with the latest news and vital information to enable them to do their role
Reach your frontline directly
Relying on managers to cascade information to your frontline employees? Rippl helps you reach and communicate directly to all your people within a few clicks.
Measure engagement with ease
Evaluate how your communications are performing across different target audiences, allowing you to focus your efforts and improve engagement.
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