Perkbox vs. Rippl

Ready to turn the tables on traditional employee perks and recognition? Bid farewell to the one-size-fits-all approach and embrace Rippl, the game-changing alternative in the Perkbox vs. Rippl showdown. Because why be average when you can be more? Rippl is sparking a workplace revolution for forward-thinking businesses keen to connect, celebrate, and drive their teams, whether they’re in the office or on the move. It’s about unlocking the extraordinary with technology that mirrors your unique culture. That’s our pledge: to lay the groundwork for excellence with a platform that’s as innovative and inclusive as the people it serves. Dive into the Perkbox vs. Rippl comparison:

Get more with Rippl.
Your investment maximised
Rippl treats your reward spend like precious cargo, giving back what's not used. What's the point of a gift if it's never opened? Perkbox, on the other hand, lets Flexipoints fade away after a year, leading to a loss of your investment.
Truly tailored branding
We go beyond the basics, offering a unique domain that screams 'you' from every pixel. Perkbox? Well, they keep it simple, but maybe a bit too simple for game-changers like us.
More bang for your buck
Rippl delivers the full package, all the engagement bells and whistles without the hefty price tag. Perkbox's increasing monthly fees and Flexipoint adjustments mean customers are getting less value for money.
Your benefits, your way
Bring your existing benefits with you or work with Rippl to add new perks to your portfolio - a level of flexibility that ensures the best outcome for your people.
Streamlined communication
Take advantage of Rippl's robust communication tools, including a social timeline, news feed and mobile push notifications to engage with people.
Customisable incentives
Drive performance in your sales or service teams with Rippl's optional incentives module, an option not available with Perkbox.
No-fuss employee discounts
Life's complicated enough. That's why Rippl makes saving a breeze with instant, no-fuss discounts. Avoid long-winded processes to find your discounts and keep it simple with easy-to-access savings in Rippl.
World-class recognition
Recognition is Rippl's bread and butter - so take advantage of features like group recognition, customisable award nominations and automated work anniversaries.