Hapi vs. Rippl

Ready to redefine what’s possible in employee engagement and satisfaction? Wave goodbye to the conventional perks and recognition playbook and say hello to Rippl, the standout contender in the Hapi vs. Rippl arena. Because why be average when you can be more? Rippl is sparking a workplace revolution for forward-thinking businesses keen to connect, celebrate, and drive their teams, whether they’re in the office or on the move. It’s about unlocking the extraordinary with technology that mirrors your unique culture.
Let’s dive into the Hapi vs. Rippl comparison:

Get more with Rippl.
Your benefits, your way
Bring your existing benefits with you or work with Rippl to add new perks to your portfolio - a level of flexibility that ensures the best outcome for your people and frees you from the constraints of certain providers.
Access for everyone
Whilst apps are great for deskless workers, we haven't forgotten about your desk-bound team members. Rippl's desktop site ensures that everyone, regardless of their role or location, has access to the full suite of features and benefits.
More bang for your buck
We understand the value of your investment. That's why Rippl offers money back on unredeemed rewards, ensuring that every penny you put into your team's happiness is used to its fullest potential—a feature that Hapi doesn't always guarantee.
Customisable incentives
Drive motivation in your sales or service teams by creating bespoke challenges and competitions in Rippl's incentives module add-on, an option not available with Hapi.
Automated features
Forget the manual uploads for rewards and endless spreadsheets. Rippl automates anniversaries and celebrates your team's milestones for you, making recognition effortless. With Rippl, welcoming new members and honouring long-serving ones is seamless, leaving no achievement behind.
Streamlined communications
Keep the conversation flowing with Rippl's streamlined communications. Whether it's a quick update, a major announcement, or a casual check-in, our platform ensures that every message is delivered clearly and effectively, keeping your team connected and engaged.
World-class recognition
Recognition is Rippl's bread and butter - so take advantage of features like group recognition, customisable award nominations and automated work anniversaries.