Not your average benefits platform

What makes Rippl different?

We don’t believe in average employee engagement. That’s why Rippl does things differently.  

We are the only platform to seamlessly combine recognition, reward and benefits. Whether your teams are remote, deskless or global, Rippl ensures everyone in your organisation feels valued and motivated to be their best.  

Rippl engages over 250,000 employees across the world. And because everything we do is based on delivering more, we boast an average 9/10 customer satisfaction rate. Happy people, even happier businesses.

Employee Benefits Provider of the Year 2023 | Best Technology Provider of the Year 2023 | Best Use of Technology in a Programme 2023


So, how do we do it?

Platform USPs.


We reimagine traditional programmes by tailoring a customisable blend of recognition, reward, benefits and incentives all under one roof – with no hidden fees or reward mark-ups.


Forget manual processes and time-consuming spreadsheets. Rippl automates key celebrations and milestones to deliver meaningful engagement around the clock.


Your people don’t stand still, and neither do we. Rippl is available via desktop and mobile app in multiple languages and currencies to engage employees wherever they are.


Every business is brilliantly different. That's why Rippl’s embeds your unique brand, culture and needs into an off-the-shelf solution that adapts to the evolving market.


Our experts understand real engagement. They speedily build and deploy your personalised programme quickly so you can revolutionise your People strategy in no time at all.


Don’t just take our word for it. Rippl’s platform capability has been recognised in multiple industry awards for transforming every corner of the employee experience.