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Reward Gateway vs. Rippl

Ready to rethink your employee engagement strategy? Say goodbye to multiple apps and off-the-shelf-boring and hello to Rippl, the modern alternative to Reward Gateway. Because why be average when you can be more? Rippl is the workplace revolution for organisations that want to connect, recognise and motivate their deskless or disconnected teams.Great things happen when you empower your people with the right technology. That’s why we’re all about creating a foundation for success through a people-led, multi-award winning platform. Here’s the low-down on Reward Gateway vs. Rippl:

Get more with Rippl.
All-one-app experience
Ditch the digital clutter with Rippl's streamlined, all-in-one app for recognition, rewards, and benefits, making life simpler for everyone (especially deskless colleagues).
Truly tailored branding
Your Rippl platform comes fully customised to reflect your company's unique brand, enhancing employee connection and strengthening the bond between your brand and your team.
Money back on unredeemed rewards
We're here to make sure your investment in reward goes the distance. With Rippl, any rewards left unclaimed make their way back to your reward pot, a thoughtful touch not always guaranteed with Reward Gateway.
Your benefits, your way
Bring your existing benefits with you or work with Rippl to add new perks to your portfolio - a level of flexibility that ensures the best outcome for your people.
Streamlined communication
Take advantage of Rippl's robust communication tools, including a social timeline, news feed and mobile push notifications to engage with people.
Customisable incentives
Drive performance in your sales or service teams with Rippl's optional incentives module, an option not available with Reward Gateway.
Easy-access perks
Rippl avoids complicated processes and lengthy delivery times with our instant digital discounts area, making savings quick and easy.
World-class recognition
Recognition is Rippl's bread and butter - so take advantage of features like group recognition, value-based recognition and customisable award nominations.