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Posted on 16 June 2023

6 Employee Engagement and Motivation Tactics in a Digital Age

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Highly engaged teams can drive up to 14% increased productivity and 23% better business outcomes. But to fully unleash the brilliant potential behind their brand, People teams need to deliver an employee engagement and motivation strategy that reflects a changed, digital world. Here, we explore six fundamental tactics for building a refreshed approach that achieves just this.

1. Connect. In an increasingly digital climate, the premise of employee engagement and motivation strategies need to follow suit. Leveraging a centralised digital community bridges the disconnect between remote, hybrid and ‘deskless’ teams. Through virtual visibility, this boosts collaboration and belonging across all corners of the business, enhancing engagement and motivation to deliver the best outcomes.

2. Share. Celebrating performance, sharing success and telling employee stories is the crucial framework behind authentic engagement. Storytelling must be based upon a diverse breadth of role models at all levels for employees to identify with, learn from, and be motivated by from contextualising wider success within their own role.

3. Assess. The efficacy of an engagement and motivation strategy shouldn’t be based on estimates. To truly understand what drives employees to be their best, regular feedback loops must be enabled. These can span polls, pulse and long-form surveys as well as idea opportunities to assess what’s working well, and importantly, identify gaps for improvement. Valuing teams’ opinions enables ownership and involvement, enhancing employee motivation and performance.

4. Clarify. To bring out their best, employees must first be incentivised with a clear target. Ambiguity and lack of clarity around expectations is a sure-fire way to diminish performance. In addition, teams need visibility of their progression to ensure the goal is kept front and centre to consistently maintain engagement and motivation.

5. Embed. Exceptional engagement and motivation stems from an authentic sense of purpose and direction. This is where the power of values come in – and these must be embedded into all corners of the overall strategy to ensure a cohesive and meaningful framework formulates employees’ day-to-day.

6. Analyse. Your strategy is only as good as its data. This key for true assessment of a strategy’s impact. Leverage sophisticated technology that enables real-time insights into all angles of success – from overall team engagement, to improvements in employee satisfaction, alongside qualitative feedback. This ensures the employee engagement and motivation strategy remains agile and optimised in unlocking the people power behind the business.

A change in market requires a change in strategy. Chat to us around how to improve your approach to deliver a world-class and innovative experience to teams wherever they are.

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