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Posted on 21 June 2023

Salutem Care and Education Plans to Transform Engagement with Rippl

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We are excited to announce a brand-new partner!

Salutem Care and Education is built upon a mission to create meaningful and fulfilled lives across the UK. Through exceptional leadership and expertise, Salutem delivers complex care, support and education for children, young people and adults with learning and physical disabilities, as well as mental health and behavioural needs, across over 140 locations.

Looking to invest in the 3,000 employees driving their mission, Salutem has partnered with Rippl to deliver a streamlined recognition, reward and benefits platform, ‘Salutem Extras’, launching in June 2023.

An employer of choice.

Knowing authentic employee engagement goes beyond a tick-boxing exercise, Salutem needed an authentic strategy with a difference. Seeking a multi-dimensional programme that truly values the brilliant people behind their brand, Salutem were looking to deliver a recognition, reward and benefits experience that elevated their value proposition to grow and retain their team. A key focus was to provide initiatives to support physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing as well as bring Salutem’s core values to the forefront of their culture.

Impressed with Rippl’s unique capability to streamline recognition, reward and benefits all under one roof, ‘Salutem Extras’ not only alleviates demand on internal resource but provides an intuitive experience that lives in employees’ pockets, connecting them with engagement, reward and benefits anytime, anywhere.

‘Salutem Extras’.

Branded exclusively to Salutem Care and Education, the platform delivers a dynamic employee experience through a streamlined breath of features:

  • Desktop and mobile app: Ensuring all teams are connected and engaged, particularly key for Salutem’s frontline, ‘deskless’ employees.
  • Recognition: Digital recognition cards are sent at the touch of a button by both managers and colleagues, celebrating all angles of performance, including examples of how Salutem’s core values are embodied in employees’ day-to-day.
  • Reward: Digital vouchers and wallet points enabling managers to take recognition to the next level.
  • Benefits: A dedicated benefits hub offering around-the-clock access to a diverse breadth of support and services, including Employee Assistance Programme, 24/7 online GP access, health and wellbeing support, and discounted vouchers.
  • Feedback: In-platform surveys and polls collating employee feedback and ideas.
  • Reporting Dashboard: Real-time data tracking employee engagement and programme impact.

“We are excited to launch ‘Salutem Extras’ later this month. We feel that this will offer a wider range of well-being benefits, not just for our employees, but for their families too. Our previous colleague benefit platform Perkbox has served us well, but we are now investing in a new service that will bring enhanced everyday savings and a wider range of benefits which will work nicely alongside the Blue Light Card programme.” – John Godden, CEO, Salutem Care and Education

“We’re delighted with this new partnership to bring Salutem’s vision behind their People strategy to life. It has been a pleasure working closely with a team who share Rippl’s passion for truly empowering employees with a meaningful programme that delivers real impact. I’m thrilled for ‘Salutem Extras’ to launch and to continue this fantastic journey with Salutem Care and Education.” – Jamie Tye, Head of Benefits, Rippl

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