How Asda uses Rippl to save millions in recruitment costs

With over 140,000 employees, the vast majority of whom don’t have a work device, our technology allows ASDA to connect, recognise and reward individuals and teams that live ASDA’s brand values, resulting in great customer service and low employee turnover in an industry that often struggles retaining its best people.


  • With over 140,000 employees up and down the country, implementing a consistent and shared recognition programme is a challenge in itself

  • 99% of those employees don’t have a company phone or PC

  • A low turnover of staff is essential for the delivery of a consistent customer experience

  • The cost to recruit and replace employees is significant, which is a problem in retail where staff turnover is usually high

  • With that many employees, reward budgets can soar


  • Recognition delivered as a native mobile app to personal devices means that Asda's values are brought to life by example

  • The great things that happen every day are in people’s pockets and bags

  • Social, peer to peer recognition with no reward allows recognition to be free flowing and abundant, spreading a culture of appreciation across the business

  • Giving wallets for managers to reward high performers removes the friction of a lengthy reward sign-off process

  • Colleagues can redeem their rewards for an Asda barcode used at checkout, along with their staff discount

  • Managers and HQ reports identify activity by users, site, area, region and nationally


  • Between 25,000 and 50,000 employees are recognised every month

  • Those who have been recognised once in 6 months are less likely to leave than those receiving no recognition. Employees who have been recognised 3 times in 6 months are even less likely to leave, saving recruitment costs of over £2m

  • Recognition on its own accounts for an 80% positive impact on engagement. A 20% positive impact can be attributed to recognition with reward

  • Rewards are saved for the best examples of individuals and teams living Asda's values and with redemptions for Asda and George shopping, spend stays within the company