bp: Reimagining Recognition, Reward and Incentives

Bp puts a smile on the faces of their frontline people with their incentives, recognition and reward platform

About bp

bp have over 1,200 branded service stations across the UK. The team behind these retail outlets serve more than seven million customers each week with quality fuels and everyday convenience.

Key facts

Industry: Gas & Fuel/Retail
Number of employees: 6,000
Geography: UK

The problem – low engagement, not enough reach

Bp’s service station business had run a recognition and reward programme for many years but with limited staff engagement, especially for those in customer-facing roles.

The largely offline programme covered bp’s 6,000 UK employees. Most of them were based in-store, together with some head office and regional employees. The reward programme could only reach as far as store managers, who then had no way to reward their in-store staff which led to a lack of engagement and motivation.

The solution – Rippl’s online, integrated platform to reach and engage with everyone

During the pandemic, bp took the opportunity to review its recognition and reward platform and focus on ‘what do we actually need?’ They relaunched the fully-digital programme, ‘Smile’, with a combination of incentives, recognition and rewards, which enables access to everyone in the business with a smartphone.

Remote staff can use the social timeline to stay connected and engage with each other through quizzes in monthly huddles, as well as through surveys and community groups, which include gamification and emoji badges. Managers can finally reward customer-facing people through pre-paid recognition cards and a voucher catalogue. This works particularly well for celebrating long service, which is automated to make the process quick and simple.

The results – skyrocketing engagement levels, happier people

With a remarkable 92% registration rate on the platform, employee engagement has been turbo-charged and weekly activity on the social timeline runs into thousands of posts. Prior to the relaunch, engagement levels had been minimal and reward redemptions were low. From March 2021 to March 2022 the value of redemptions (and a proxy for engagement levels) increased by almost 2,000%.

As a customer of Rippl, I love how the team is engaged and willing to support, especially when we want to take things to another level. They embrace new ideas and continue to develop the best of the platform for the end users.”
Here’s what else bp has to say about Rippl:

“Rippl provides us with an easy to get to grips with, pre-built tool that instantly has given us an engaging platform to connect with our teams.  It doesn’t stop there though, the team at Rippl listens to our needs and help us develop and automate our specific ideas and requirements to reduce admin and make us more efficient as a business. The platform helps us achieve high impact results within our UK store team network and a great example of an idea developing from a small acorn is Store incentives. These are now run in Smile and our teams love to get competitive which drives the results we’re aiming for! Smile is flexible to suit our business needs and connects our 24/7 team. The account management team are supportive, knowledgeable and very responsive.”

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