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Clarks: Revolutionising Employee Recognition and Learning

Clarks enabled free-flowing recognition and a learning culture through Rippl.

About Clarks

Founded in 1825 in a small Somerset Village, Clarks has since grown to become a global leading footwear retailer. Not only are they the number one shoe brand in the UK, but the brand also continues to grow in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, India and China.


Industry: Retail/Manufacturing
People in the network: 12,000+
Geography: 70+ countries


In 2013, Clarks approached Rippl to ask whether we could create an employee engagement platform for their worldwide employees. Their current recognition programme was underperforming and failing to attract and retain the employees it sought to reach – they needed an all-encompassing solution that would instil an authentic recognition and learning culture.

The Challenge

When we examined their solution and reviewed usage statistics, we identified several problems. Chiefly, their engagement programme felt too exclusive. The majority of individuals were rarely recognised or rewarded for their hard work, effort and achievement. For example, whilst shopfloor staff received their moment under the spotlight, stock room employees were invisible.

Further issues included staff training being inconsistent and paper-based, as well as there being no context for how stores were performing compared with others. We knew we could rectify that.

The Solution

A new social engagement, reward and recognition platform and native mobile app called “Our World” was built, to include the following features:

  • Free-flowing, peer-to-peer recognition, not necessarily tied to reward
  • Team-based incentives where the whole team wins; celebrating together and recognising the contribution everybody makes to the customer experience
  • Store performance updated weekly
  • Training and learning via the app and website which was quick to deploy, simple to take part in and offers new topics several times a month.
The Results

Rippl’s reporting offers a powerful and insightful drill down into data, which Clarks used to understand how their employees were using and benefitting from ‘Our World’.

As well as Head Office staff being able to view overall company statistics, managers at branch level are also able to view performance for their own stores.

This allowed managers to view the progress of various ‘learn decks’, as well as the number of recognitions or rewards being delivered.

The enabling of permissions meant Clarks could ensure that the right people received access to the appropriate data, and the overall recognition and learning culture could be assessed. All this useful reporting functionality ultimately helped Clarks identify which stores were complying with learning and which stores may be falling behind.

  • 97.2% of employees registered on Our World
  • 7,000 employees sharing an average of 3,600 recognitions per month
  • Average of four visits to Our World made, per user, every week
  • 8,500 learning decks completed weekly – Our World was the only tool used to conduct training and learning across Clarks worldwide for several years
  • Over 130,000 recognition cards were sent across three years (4,000 a month)
  • 3,600
    sent per month (on average)
  • 97.2%
    registration rate
    on the 'Our World' platform
  • 1,100,000+
    learn decks
    completed over three years
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