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The Nelson Trust: Streamlining engagement and communication

The Nelson Trust streamlines recognition, reward and benefits with Rippl.

About The Nelson Trust

The Nelson Trust is built upon a purpose to be a centre of excellence in delivering belief, hope and long-term recovery to lives affected by addiction, trauma and multiple disadvantage. With over 38 years’ experience in supporting vulnerable people with complex needs, The Nelson Trust provides community services and residential rehabilitation treatment across the South West of England, plus their local business partnerships support individuals to become self-sustaining in life, education and work. To engage and empower the brilliant people driving this mission, ‘The Nelson Network’ platform launched in August 2023.

Key facts

Industry: Rehabilitation and support

Number of employees: 280

Geography: UK

Scaling communication and engagement.

The Nelson Trust value the dedication of their teams and supporters as one of their biggest strengths. They were seeking a solution that elevated their People strategy by creating a centralised space for collaboration, recognition and benefits all under one roof.

The Nelson Trust were looking to move away from reliance on email chains and Teams channels to an innovative platform that transformed how they engage their staff network. With a predominantly deskless workforce, they needed a mobile app that lived in the pockets of their teams, enabling smooth connection around the clock.

Into this, The Nelson Trust needed a streamlined, reimagined employee experience to meaningfully empower their people. They wanted to consistently recognise performance, celebrate service milestones, welcome new starters and mark employee birthdays. In addition, The Nelson Trust were seeking to refresh their existing benefits offer and place this at the forefront of their programme to better support their colleagues and enhance their employer brand. Importantly, they were also looking to boost colleague understanding of internal policies, departmental news and processes, plus showcase available learning opportunities.

Together, The Nelson Trust and Rippl designed ‘The Nelson Network’ to deliver an exceptional experience across the breadth of their employee network.

'The Nelson Network'.

Through a bespoke solution, ‘The Nelson Network’ streamlines all corners of engagement into a desktop and mobile app with features including:

  • Social timeline. Branded exclusively to The Nelson Trust, colleagues are empowered to share ideas, news, initiatives and achievements in a centralised space built for collaboration, creativity and learning.
  • Recognition. A suite of digital recognition cards celebrate triumphs big and small and show gratitude for hard work. Recognitions can be delivered either privately or publicly, to individuals or business groups, for both managers and peers to value every achievement.
  • Employee milestones. ‘The Nelson Network’s clever automations ensure every colleague birthday and service anniversary is recognised.
  • Reward. Reward points are distributed in line with seasonal team competitions and prize draws.
  • Benefits. The Nelson Trust’s existing benefits are streamlined into a dedicated Benefits Hub alongside additional perks selected from Rippl’s extensive catalogue. Tailored specifically to the needs of their colleagues, around-the-clock access is provided to discounted vouchers, cinema and film savings, discounted days out, a wellbeing hub, bereavement counselling and much more.
  • Learning and training. ‘The Nelson Network’ centralises colleague learning decks and an external training hub all into one place.
  • News. A dedicated module hosts staff newsletters and monthly communications calendars for colleagues to take advantage of.
  • HR resources. Additional zones within ‘The Nelson Network’ redirects colleagues to HR policies, departmental information and processes, as well as data hubs to boost learning and awareness across the business.
  • Polls. Live polling opportunities engage colleague voices across The Nelson Network.
  • Reporting. A live data dashboard provides real-time insights around programme engagement and success.
Initial success.

In its first few months, ‘The Nelson Network’ has enhanced colleague engagement:

  • 69% of employees registered on the platform.
  • 51% of social posts have recognised a colleague.
  • 480+ reactions and comments on social timeline posts.
  • 340 completions of learning and engagement modules.
  • 135 service milestones and colleague birthdays celebrated.
  • 210+ news articles read.
  • 620+ page views of employee benefits.
  • 69%
    employee registration rate
  • 51%
    of social posts have recognised a colleague
  • 135
    colleague milestones and birthdays celebrated
  • 480
    platform interactions
Collaborating with Rippl to develop the 'Nelson Network' has significantly improved our internal communications within the charity. With staff located across the South West of England and Wales, and our team steadily expanding with many members not stationed in the office, this platform has helped centralise all of our information and communications. Offering everything from discounts and benefits to essential HR information, the 'Nelson Network' has enabled us to stay more connected than ever and we’re excited to watch this network grow.
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