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Employee Discounts and Savings

Employees can save over £2,480 per year with Rippl

Using the latest research, employees could save £2,480.56 on average in their first year of using Rippl.

The talent acquisition and retention landscape is fierce. Offering a competitive employee benefits package is no longer just an option—it’s a necessity. But, we understand the challenges HR leaders face in building a compelling business case for implementing a benefits platform. That’s why Rippl addresses these challenges head-on by demonstrating meaningful value for your people and clear ROI for your business.

How it works

We make saving money simple and seamless for talent wherever they are. Once registered, employees gain 27/4, mobile access to Rippl’s in-platform savings hub where they can take advantage of hundreds of discounted digital vouchers and offers tailored to their everyday needs across retail, travel, hospitality and leisure brands.

From money off grocery bills to discounted meals out, Rippl’s platform makes savings easy-to-use and accessible around the clock, at the touch of a button.

Additionally, Rippl offers wider support through salary sacrifice benefits including significant discounts on bikes with Cycle to Work or monthly savings with the Green Car Scheme. From their pockets, employees integrate savings into their daily lives, seeing their disposable income increase as their expenses decrease.

Savings in a snapshot

We believe in transparency. Using the most recent research from the Office National Statistics, we’ve calculated the potential employee discounts and savings available when Rippl’s discounts are used for all relevant purchases. We’ve based this on the UK’s average salary of £33,402 (as of February 2024), reflecting the cost of living.

  • Household spending£655.68 per year (groceries, recreation, restaurants and clothing)
  • Cycle to Work Scheme£327.90 saved in the first year (based on the average cost of a bike and accessories in the UK – £1093)
  • Green Car Scheme£1,004 (based on the cheapest vehicle available, Nissan Leaf and a three-year lease) –
  • Car Maintenance Scheme – £22.50 per year (based on one MOT and interim service per year at Halfords)
  • Gym Discounts£70 per year (based on an average 13% gym discount in Rippl and average monthly membership in the UK – £44.92)
  • Health Cash Plan£400.48 per year (based on the employee cashing out the maximum cover available in the Bronze Level BHSF Cash Plan)
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Implementing Rippl is a clear win-win for your organisation and your people employees. Get in touch today to discover how we can transform your employee benefits package, drive engagement, and foster a culture of appreciation and financial wellbeing.