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An employee incentives platform that makes waves.

Did you know, businesses that leverage incentives and reward programmes increase productivity by an average of 22%?

Because happy teams create even happier businesses.

But, managing incentives manually through endless spreadsheets and emails take up valuable time and are prone to error. Rippl’s employee incentives platform simplifies and streamlines all of this. Created and configured to relevant groups across your business, individual and team performance is tracked in real-time via live league tables. Top achievers redeem instant rewards and can be celebrated from all levels on your social timeline.

Key incentives features
Incentives builder
Respond rapidly to market and business changes by creating configurable incentives yourself, or lean on our experts to maximise ROI.
Participant selection
Easily set up incentives for different groups by sharing with the relevant audience, such as individuals, stores, franchises or regions.
Incentive types
Plenty of options to choose from including ‘hit to win’ and sales claiming incentives, enabling users to validate their sales to redeem rewards.
League tables
Linking to your KPIs, users can easily check their progress in real-time.
Reward pay-outs
Distribute points to winners to redeem against digital reward vouchers.
Customisable reporting
Monitor performance using the integrated Microsoft Power BI reporting suite.
During our ‘Heroes’ virtual award ceremony, in which we celebrated the stand-out stars of the network, winners were chosen from the Rippl social timeline. Van Stars gave me, and the judges at HQ, visibility of everyone’s outstanding work and attitude. Without it, I’d have had no idea of how many wonderful things were happening out there, every day.
Motivate your teams to hit goals
Creating enticing incentives with instant reward pay-outs will keep your sales and service people motivated to hit targets.
Build brand loyalty
Need to encourage an audience to choose your brand? Rippl’s incentives builder allows you to reward those who show loyalty to your business.
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