Believe in the Power of Employee Recognition

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Curious about the power of employee recognition in boosting workplace morale and reducing turnover rates?

Look no further. Rippl has designed this handy guide to help HR leaders explore the various types of recognition and its impact on businesses and their people.

Did you know 44% of employees left their last role due to lack of recognition? And organisations prioritising an effective culture of recognition can experience a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate? These are staggering statistics that evidence to the importance of prioritising employee recognition in today’s competitive market.

In this free guide, you will discover the varying impact of recognition and how it can positively engage employees across the business. We also provide real case studies from Rippl customers, so you can see how recognition has worked in practice.

Our guide goes beyond just recognising employees on milestone achievements. We explore the different types of recognition, including everyday, informal, and formal, and their unique benefits. Additionally, we delve into the psychological effects of recognition and how it can foster a positive workplace culture.

At Rippl, we believe that recognition, reward, and benefits are integral to creating a happy and motivated workforce. Download your free copy of our guide to unleash the power of employee recognition in your business and discover:

  • The varying impact of recognition
  • The different ways the power of employee recognition effectively motivates and engages employees at all levels
  • Real-world examples for how a culture of recognition has transformed engagement strategies for leading brands
  • The varying forms of recognition – everyday, informal and formal
  • The psychological effects of recognition

And if you’re interested in learning more about our recognition, reward, and benefits platform features, let’s chat!


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