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Digital Workshop: Building a purpose-led culture at all levels

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How can businesses effectively build a purpose-led culture?

Culture has never been more crucial in setting a brand apart in the intense race for talent. In the current landscape, employees are seeking more from their organisation – they’re seeking meaning. Now more than ever, they want to feel they are contributing to a higher purpose beyond profits, and that this principle is shared mutually by their employer.

As a result, we’re seeing the role of culture take precedence, with 46% of jobseekers naming this as a deciding factor for accepting a role. Culture also ranks highly for emerging talent, with 75% of Millennials prioritising this above anything else when selecting an employer.

Through a commercial lens, culture has proven to be a key catalyst for driving wider company success. Employees who believe their organisation’s culture to be positive are 3.8x more likely to be engaged and see 30% higher levels of innovation.

So, what drives a culture that engages and retains an empowered workforce?

Unleashing the power of values: The cornerstone of effective culture and engagement.

In a digital workshop, we explored the role of values in providing the fundamental framework behind an effective business culture. We discussed practical ways for HR leaders to define and implement core values at every level to enable all talent to thrive.

Missed us this time? Download the summary of insights and audience Q&A around:

  • The power of values as the overlooked puzzle piece in an age of disconnection.
  • How to define and build an effective culture.
  • The 3 common barriers leading to underutilised, ‘invisible’ values.
  • The 4 practical ways to overcome this and ensure values are ‘lived in’ across the business.
  • Real-world examples of how to embed values at the core of engagement strategies.

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