Employee Experience in 2024: Market Guide

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What does the employee experience demand in 2024 and how can HR leaders adapt their strategy in an increasingly competitive landscape? Welcome to your Market Guide.

Balancing ongoing workplace disengagement, evolving priorities of emerging talent, an unprecedented financial climate and retaining their most crucial asset, HR leaders face steep challenges alongside countless investment avenues for delivering a tangible solution.

The formula behind a competitive, multi-generational employee experience strategy is highly sought-after. But, 2024’s noisy market requires new approaches from employers. The cumulative effects of the last few years have resulted in 69% of the global workforce becoming disengaged, the risk of ‘The Great Gloom’ and a cost to the economy of $8.8 trillion. In short, office pizza parties and pension contributions are no longer cutting it. Instead, the employee experience must truly encompass what teams need to deliver their full potential – and, importantly, remain in the business.

That’s why this Market Guide is here to help. Collating the latest data, insights and practical tools, this one-stop-shop enables HR leaders to deliver an employee experience both their business and its people can capitalise on.

Grab a coffee and download your free copy to discover:

  • The 5 ways HR leaders can future-proof their 2024 talent pipeline by prioritising employee experience.
  • How undervaluing employee experience has created HR’s perfect storm.
  • The leading factors causing employees to both join and leave a business.
  • The urgent need for employee experience in re-engaging the workforce’s overlooked majority.
  • The business and moral case for prioritising multi-dimensional strategies in 2024 and beyond.
  • Interactive tool: A platform buying checklist to design, deliver and evidence a reimagined employee experience strategy.
  • Interactive tool: A downloadable business case template to build a compelling proposition that secures budget holder buy-in.
  • Additional how-to guides that encompass all corners of a competitive EVP.
  • Real case stories around how Asda, bp and Emma Bridgewater redefined their employee experience.

Interested in exploring how to redesign your employee experience strategy for 2024 and beyond? We’d love to chat further.


Market Guide to Employee Experience in 2024

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