The Real Cost of Staff Turnover

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What is the real cost of staff turnover? And what impact does this have on businesses and their people? Our latest guide explores just this.

Did you know losing an employee can escalate to as much as 150% of their annual salary.

In a challenging climate, the cost of lost talent is growing. On the surface, often only recruitment fees and new uniforms are considered. But the real costs likely ripple into lost productivity and revenue that can have a significant impact on the bottomline.

This guide takes a deep dive into exploring the real cost of staff turnover, beyond the surface-level costs. Discover the latest trends and statistics, as well as the common logistical and productivity oversights that many businesses miss. In this guide we’ll also discuss practical tips for how businesses can improve staff retention and unlock the full potential of their employees.

By investing in employees and cultivating a workplace culture that enables all to thrive, HR leaders can proactively decrease turnover rates and elevate their brand to retain future and existing talent pipelines.

Grab a coffee and download our free guide today to explore how to unlock and retain your people power through:

  • The latest staff turnover trends & statistics
  • The most common logistical and productivity costs
  • Why the ‘domino effect’ could impact your business
  • Quick tips to improve staff retention

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