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Posted on 11 April 2023

5 Must-Have Features of Reward and Recognition Software

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In a changed world, 58% of employers are now adopting HR platforms to support their talent attraction and retention strategies. Yet for nearly half (43%), one of the biggest concerns businesses face when investing in People software is enabling employees to reach their full potential. This is where the power of reward and recognition technology comes in – with an effective programme, employees are 4x as likely to be actively engaged at work.

But what makes exceptional employee reward and recognition software?

Look no further. Here, we explore the five must-have features of an effective engagement platform that sets your People experience above the rest, maximises your people power, and delivers return on investment.

1. Scalability.

To effectively maximise your teams, engagement strategies must deliver a consistent and unique experience to all employees, wherever they are. Whether your people are office-based, hybrid, fully remote or overseas, your reward and recognition software needs to provide always-on engagement for the whole workforce. The key to this is for your platform to enable access via both desktop and mobile so all teams stay in the loop with the latest news and updates, plus feel a sense of belonging and inclusion to the business around the clock.

2. Automation.

With the power of technology comes to power of automation. Reduce the demand on your internal People teams by leveraging software that automates reward and recognitions. These can be set up for service milestones and birthdays, as well as any national calendar days to celebrate employees on time, every time so no recognition is ever missed.

3. Personalisation.

To optimise engagement and evidence platform ROI, reward and recognition software must be personalised to your business. Its overall look and feel should mirror your brand identity making your people feel at home. Plus, the platform should enable managers and peers to nominate and recognise employees for awards aligned to your specific business values, instilling an authentic culture in each corner of the organisation.

4. Streamlined.

Another feature of competitive reward and recognition software is the ability to streamline the programme with other key elements of the People experience to create the ultimate engagement hub. This includes the employee benefits offer as well as internal communications and surveys, so everything is centralised into one place.

5. Reporting.

Visibility of data is crucial to understanding, optimising and evidencing the impact of your reward and recognition software. Your platform should provide live insights for programme engagement so you can assess performance at any time.

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