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Posted on 24 May 2023

5 Ways Technology Delivers Inclusive Recognition & Benefits

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With Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) continuing to climb the agenda for businesses across the globe, it has become an increasingly crucial factor in attracting, maximising and retaining talent the best people. As a result, more employers are seeking software solutions to drive positive change and level the playing field so employees of all backgrounds feel empowered to reach their potential in a modern, remote world.

So, what’s the power of technology in authentically championing an inclusive recognition and benefits programme?

Here, we explore 5 key aways adopting the right software can champion an inclusive environment that enables all employees to thrive.

1. Limitless recognition. Employee recognition is often delivered and received by a privileged few within the workforce. Through leveraging the power of technology, a culture of recognition is unlocked for all – enabling every individual the opportunity to be, and feel, valued. With recognition no longer restricted only to managers, colleagues can celebrate one another for every corner of contribution, including performance, service milestones and embodying core company values.

2. Breaking existing barriers. Inclusive recognition and benefits software removes common participation and engagement barriers of manual programmes often based around employees’ location, department, seniority or manager. By leveraging a mobile-accessible hub open to all, effective technology levels the playing field to ensure every employee feels included and empowered through around-the-clock engagement.

3. Contextualising impact. A crucial component of an inclusive workplace culture is ensuring each employee understands the value they bring and can contextualise this in the business’ strategic objectives and wider mission. Recognition and benefits software enables this contextualisation by celebrating employees in all corners of the organisation in one digital community, so all teams understand and feel valued for their individual impact.

4. Inclusive benefits. By leveraging benefits software, manual, time-consuming processes behind building and refreshing a meaningful benefits offer are removed. To truly champion inclusivity, employee benefits must reflect the diverse breadth of needs across the business. With the right software, these needs can be regularly assessed through pulse surveys and polls, and the package easily tailored to evolve with the workforce. Importantly, benefits software ensures mobile accessibility anytime, anywhere.

5. Optimised EVP. 42% of jobseekers prioritise businesses that are committed to championing an inclusive workplace. To successfully retain employees and attract future diverse talent, inclusive recognition and benefits software is key to delivering this commitment at scale to employees wherever they are, sharpening the business’ EVP.

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