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Posted on 7 March 2024

B Corp Month: Empowering positive change through People strategy

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March officially marks B-Corp month. And at Rippl, we’re all about celebrating businesses who demonstrate their commitment to empowering positive change. So, how does prioritising the People strategy align with the B Corp commitment? Let’s explore.

What is B Corp?

The B Corp certification celebrates businesses that are leading the global movement for a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy by measuring their entire social and environmental impact. Certified B Corps demonstrate meaningful balance between purpose and profit by meeting high verification standards of performance, accountability and transparency around their impact on their employees, customers, wider community and the environment.

How does a business become a B Corp? 

B Corp certification involves rigorous verification across 5 key criteria: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. From employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials, businesses must achieve the minimum 80 B Impact score and pass a risk review. In short, they must evidence tangible commitment to leading positive and lasting change.

Why is B Corp important?

In a noisy market, the B Corp certification stands businesses out from the rest – from building trust with their customers and suppliers, to attracting and retaining talent under a purpose-led brand, and consistently improving what they do and why they do it. 2021 data shows UK B Corp businesses have 22% higher growth in turnover and 13% in employee headcount.

Rippl’s B-Corp customers

We’re incredibly proud to partner with businesses who share our vision for nurturing an environment that enables all talent to thrive. Our certified B Corp customers include Emma Bridgewater and Charlie Bigham’s who are paving the way in driving positive impact from all corners of their organisation.

How Rippl empowers positive People impact in the B Corp commitment:

1. Building connection and engagement. We know employees don’t stand still, so neither do we. Rippl’s mobile accessible app brings deskless, remote and dispersed workforces together in a digital, purpose-led community that inspires great things. Businesses can deliver an engagement strategy that reflects the modern world.

2. Prioritising a culture of recognition. Rippl ensures employees feel seen, heard and valued for all dimensions of their contribution, demonstrating their business’ commitment to creating a positive workplace where everyone can thrive.

3. Empowering employees’ needs. Individual needs across a workforce are diverse and multi-generational. Through a tailored and bespoke benefits hub, businesses can meaningfully support their people in- and outside of work across all areas of wellbeing and turn their EDI strategy into reality.

4. Driving positive change. The most impactful change starts from within. By amplifying the voices of the workforce through Rippl’s feedback and surveys features, businesses are able to identify and deliver on necessary areas for positive improvement across each of the five key B Corp criteria.

5. Evidencing tangible impact. By leveraging technology as a force for good, Rippl’s tangible data insights demonstrate the impact of prioritising the People experience through boosted engagement, improved employee satisfaction and retention rates.

Discover our B Corp customer stories.

  • The ‘My EB’ platform streamlines recognition, rewards and benefits to the growing workforce behind Emma Bridgewater’s brand.
  • ‘The Pantry’ brings Charlie Bigham’s culture to life alongside recognition, rewards and benefits from the pockets of their brilliant people.

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