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Posted on 3 August 2023

Streamlining Reward and Recognition for HR Leaders

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Ever wondered about the Rippl effect? Well, we don’t believe in average People programmes. That’s why Rippl delivers engagement with a difference that doesn’t just create happy teams, but streamlines the processes behind delivering world-class reward and recognition for HR leaders. Because manual, clunky strategies are demanding on time and draining on impact.

Did you know, according to Gallup research only 36% of employees report their business to deliver recognition? And of these, only 21% receive reward as part of this programme?

As the challenging market intensifies, businesses need to innovate traditional approaches to engaging and retaining their people. And never before has delivering effective reward and recognition been more key.

So, how does Rippl enable HR to make waves through an engagement programme with a difference?

1. We widen your reach. Rippl ensures every corner of the workforce feels seen, heard and valued. Recognitions are shared to a centralised social timeline for colleagues to engage with and magnify even further. We ensure recognitions are tailored to individual preferences  – employees can be celebrated across the entire business, within specific groups or privately in a 1-1 message. Rippl instils a culture of recognition and engagement that’s scaled to everyone within the organisation.

2. We streamline and automate. Rippl places efficiency at its core by automating employee milestones and anniversaries so important dates are never missed, reducing the manual administrative tasks of traditional programmes. Plus, our mobile technology enables push notifications that maintain connection and engagement around the clock.

3. We centralise your values and culture. Creating an authentic business culture has never been more important. Rippl keeps our customers’ core values at the front and centre by embedding these into all corners of their engagement programme for managers and peers to align reward and recognition with. This ensures core values create the framework for everyday interactions and behaviour, enhancing cultural cohesion and promoting a positive environment where all can thrive.

4. We magnify your EVP. An authentic and transparent employer brand is key for talent retention. Rippl illustrates and boosts awareness of what defines our customers’ EVPs and communicates this across each feature – from recognition, rewards, benefits and incentives, to wider company news, stories and feedback opportunities. That’s why Rippl users are 3x less likely to leave.

5. We take recognition to the next level. Recognition isn’t just about celebrating performance – it’s also recognising what tools and support employees need to be their best. Rippl’s dedicated hub centralises benefits and wellbeing support for teams to access whenever, wherever – and for our customers to enhance at any time. We cut out the legwork of replenishing perks packages by sharing market trends and intel, and tailoring personalised add-ons that reflect the needs of our customers’ people.

6. We unify the employee experience. Rippl simplifies People strategies by merging all dimensions of engagement into one personalised community that employees love to be part of. A uniquely streamlined experience that empowers all to reach their potential.

Fancy seeing Rippl in action? Book a demo with one of our experts. 

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