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Posted on 26 July 2023

Transforming Traditional Employee Recognition Schemes

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Whilst many businesses think they effectively recognise and value their teams, employees across the board continue to feel unappreciated at work – with nearly half (44%) leaving their last role due to inadequate recognition.

At Rippl, we understand employees, which is why we don’t believe in average employee engagement.

Here are 6 ways in which Rippl’s platform transforms traditional, low-impact employee recognition schemes to unleash the potential of worldwide teams.

1) Streamlined technology. Why stop at recognition when you can deliver so much more? Rippl embeds a unique and customisable blend of reward, benefits and incentives into our customer recognition programmes so engagement is delivered from every angle – and their people feel truly valued and supported.

2) Accessibility, everywhere. The engagement landscape doesn’t stand still – and neither does our workforce. That’s why Rippl delivers world-class recognition programmes in the pockets of teams wherever they are so our customers can connect and engage their remote, dispersed or deskless employees around the clock.

3) Automated engagement. We understand marking every milestone across the business is time-consuming and resource-draining. So, Rippl’s platform does the legwork. Customisable, automated recognitions are delivered on time, every time for employee birthdays, service anniversaries and other key milestones to ensure a moment is never missed.

4) Human connection. An empowered, productive workforce isn’t just created from the top down – it’s built from every angle. Rippl enables personalised recognitions to be delivered from all levels of the business so senior leaders, line managers and peers can celebrate everything from performance, to behaviour, and embodying values.

5) Customisable environment. When teams feel part of a community, they feel empowered to be their best. Which is why Rippl’s experts design and deploy employee recognition schemes in a bespoke platform customised to each and every one of our customers’ brands.

6) Culture-centric. The businesses prioritising an authentic and effective culture will reap the rewards of a happy, loyal workforce. Rippl builds engagement programmes around our customers’ culture and core values, so desired behaviours can be celebrated for bringing the overall vision to life.

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