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Posted on 17 April 2023

Discover How to Build a World-Class Culture of Recognition

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In the escalating race for talent, a culture of recognition has become a critical differentiator for brands seeking to stand out from the crowd. Shifting employee priorities highlight the growing demand for an empowering and inclusive workplace. In fact, nearly half (44%) of employees have left their previous roles due to feeling undervalued. 

For businesses aiming to sharpen their competitive edge, it’s now more crucial than ever to embed recognition at the heart of their culture and engagement strategies. This is not only a moral imperative, but also a commercial one, as it redefines the Employee Value Proposition (EVP), reduces voluntary turnover by up to 31%, and makes strong business outcomes 12x more likely. 

Plus, 82% of employees are happier when recognised at work, 53% would stay longer in their role if they felt appreciated, and 64% believe recognition is key for feeling valued when working remotely 

After all, happy people create happy businesses. 

So, how can People teams practically build, and importantly maintain, a culture that transforms the employee experience? 

Rippl have just launched The 7 Steps to Build a World-Class Culture of Recognition Guide to support HR leaders in doing just this.  

Download your free, one-stop-shop to build and implement an exceptional recognition culture that becomes second nature in every corner of the organisation to truly unleash your people power. 

Download your free copy to discover: 

  • The latest industry statistics demonstrating the impact of effective recognition. 
  • The most common mistakes to avoid when developing employee recognition programmes. 
  • A practical checklist to reimagine traditional, low-impact recognition strategies. 
  • How to build, maximise, and evidence a culture of recognition at all levels using the 7-Step Pyramid. 
  • Inspiring real-world examples of how recognition has transformed culture and engagement for leading brands. 
  • A handy template to construct a compelling business case for stakeholders. 

Chat to one of our experts about how Rippl can enable your business to deliver a competitive, inclusive culture that empowers your people to be their best.  

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