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Posted on 21 March 2024

Deskless Workers: Empowering the Overlooked Majority

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The overlooked majority

They make up 80% of the global workforce. So why do deskless workers remain so overlooked and unheard? 

The ‘offline’ majority operating away from a desk, they are the people behind customer purchasing, production lines, essential works and our emergency services to name a few. During the pandemic, their integral role in keeping our world as we know it turning was particularly highlighted, despite being the demographic most at risk of employment loss. Yet four years into our post-pandemic recovery, they stand as the overlooked and undervalued workforce.  

Latest research shows 51% of UK deskless workers say they’re viewed as expendable by their employer, and 32% believe they’re regarded as inferior by their corporate, desk-based colleagues. Plus, only 10% feel they have access to the right technology tools to keep them connected and empowered at work. 

Business’ blind spot

Whilst many businesses look to optimise their People power this year, there remains a clear blind spot in including, engaging and valuing those not sat behind a desk. They may be visible in our everyday, but in the context of the workplace the majority of frontline employees remain unseen and unheard for their contributions. There is both a moral and commercial imperative to change this in 2024.  

Recognition, when delivered effectively, has significant power in reversing the current landscape faced by deskless employees. When managers understand how to recognise their deskless teams effectively, they are 350% more likely to remain in the business for another year. Employees are also 258% more likely to feel fulfilment within their roles and 378% more likely to deliver their best work.  

But crucially, restoring this connection with deskless colleagues needs to span outside of traditional ‘thank you’ emails and in-office congratulations. The employers already adopting innovative, human-centric approaches lead by example in 2024.  

Shifting the dial to empower the majority

Businesses thrive when its people do. By celebrating the everyday, every individual can be seen, heard and valued for what they bring to their organisation. At Rippl, we’re proud to partner with organisations that share our vision for empowering the brilliant people behind their brand. From recognising the frontline teams embodying Charlie Bigham’s culture, to celebrating an Asda UK store colleague on average once every four minutes, to rewarding bp’s Service Superstars every month and bringing Emma Bridgewater’s values to life for their manufacturing and retail employees – we’re actively bridging the disconnect for deskless teams across the globe. 

How? Through intuitive mobile technology placed into the pockets of employees across the globe, whether they’re in-office, hybrid, remote or working in frontline industries. Rippl’s mobile app is accessible on both corporate and personal devices, keeping colleagues connected around the clock – to not only boost engagement, but improve belonging in the workplace community, build a sense of purpose through shared vision and values and prioritise all areas of wellbeing through tailored benefits and perks.

Discover how Rippl enables frontline, deskless and dispersed teams to feel valued, motivated and happier at work by reading our success stories with Asda, bp and, Charlie Bigham’s and Emma Bridgewater

Ready to explore how Rippl can connect, engage and empower your brilliant deskless, frontline teams? Chat to us.

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