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Posted on 26 January 2023

Rippl’s 2022 Annual Impact Report is here!

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Rippl was born from a mission to create thousands of happier, more motivated, more productive employees worldwide. We are the leading engagement platform for organisations that want to connect, recognise, and motivate their deskless or disconnected teams. 

Happy people create even happier businesses – and we believe in the power of recognition, reward, and benefits in redefining employee engagement. Rippl’s uniquely streamlined technology has enabled global players such as Asda, BP, Charlie Bigham’s and Mercedes-Benz Vans to do just this. 

It’s no wonder our engaged users are 3x more likely to remain in their role.  

Our 2022 Annual Impact Report 

We made waves in 2022. Rippl’s world-class platform engaged over 250,000 people across the globe, saw over 117,000 employee recognitions sent, and has a 9/10 customer satisfaction score.  

Download your free copy to: 

  • Explore key learnings and recommendations from 2022.  
  • Discover how Rippl’s platform has enabled our partners to transform employee engagement. 
  • Learn why employee benefits need to be reimagined in a changing market, and how to revolutionise your current offer.  
  • Assess your current annual turnover costs and discover projected savings and programme return using Rippl’s ROI Instant Calculator.  
  • Understand how each corner of Rippl’s platform can be personalised to meet the needs of your business and its people. 

Hear from some of our partners: 

“Through the Rippl platform, we were able to put our vision for our people into action and significantly increase recognition and engagement amongst our team. Peer-to-peer recognition, and visibility of it, has significantly increased, whilst our managers continue to recognise people who demonstrate our values.” – Charlie Bigham’s  

“Without Rippl, it simply wouldn’t have been possible to connect our entire workforce, many of whom don’t have access to a work mobile or computer, nor consistently recognise their outstanding efforts.” – Asda 

“The platform is proving invaluable, enabling us to have open, transparent lines of communication across our network at all levels, mixing both business and more light-hearted comms so that everyone feels connected and informed, as well as boosting the morale of our hard-working people.” – Mercedes-Benz Vans UK 

Recognition, reward and benefits in unleashing your people potential

35% of employees are predicted to leave their role this year. For deskless workers, who represent nearly three quarters of the global workforce, this rises to 40%. Whilst HR teams battle the ongoing challenge of hiring, maximising and retaining their people, many are missing the mark when it comes to defining their engagement strategy.  

Effective recognition, reward and benefits are proven drivers of workforce productivity, retention and overall business success. However, with 81% of employers reporting recognition programmes are not a current strategic priority, too often they remain overlooked and undervalued. To sharpen the employee value proposition (EVP), maximise engagement, and retain your most critical asset, this blind spot must be addressed. 

  • 44% of employees report leaving their last role due to lack of recognition.  
  • Organisations with effective recognition programmes have a 31% lower voluntary turnover.  
  • 41% of companies with peer-to-peer recognition schemes see an increase in customer satisfaction. 
  • 75% of employees are more likely to stay with their organisation due to its benefits offer. 
  • 80% of employees would prefer additional benefits over a salary increase. 

Discover the power of recognition, reward and benefits technology by downloading Rippl’s 2022 Annual Impact Report here. 

To find out how Rippl can transform your employee engagement, let’s chat. 

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